The family Amezcua is working grewing olive trees from 90 years ago. So our work with the tree and the oil is really softly. 

The process begins in early November, with the color change from olive green to violet at their optimum ripening (veraison), ending in mid-December. It is done only by mechanical means, thus achieving healthy fruit. Selected with the highest quality assurance and with minimal damage to the fruit. Selecting the fruit in the field (only collecting the olive tree), transport to the mill is made immediately in bulk, never used sacks. Thus we get that the fruit retains all its qualities and properties intact, not damaged resulting. In less than 24 hours it is grinded necessary to loosen the oil from the olive plant tissues, the vacuoles release oil droplets contained within them.


Our olive trees are in three different fields "Fincas": 

Finca Salmerón: 

It is located in Bedmar. 

It is a very unknown village although there are many historic, artistic and environmental attractions.  

extra virgin olive oil

The landscapes here alternate between the large fields of olive trees and the hugh Mountains of Sierra Mágina with rivers and natural springs.  

The olive oil here is our singular and fruity Picual Oil.

Finca Las Cañadas: 

Las Cañadas, is located in the county of Los Cerros de Ubeda, or Loma de Úbeda, among Guadalimar and Guadalquivir rivers, born nearby, before the imposing Sierra Magina and in view of the Sierra de Cazorla and Sierra de Segura and Sierra de Las Villas. It is located between the towns of Torreperogil and Sabiote, which has a great Renaissance castle, near the historic cities of Ubeda and Baeza, both Patrimonio Cultural Heritage since 2003.


The farm Las Cañadas is a vast irrigated olive grove, which sits on a land and a climate particularly suited to the cultivation of the olive, whose juice is a premium first extraction oil, great tasting and gastronomic qualities, of which nutritionists have emphasized its antioxidant and others that give tremendous value to health. As the cornerstone of Mediterranean cuisine it is so appreciated from the medical standpoint.

The estate features a stunning farmhouse, in the area known as "cortijo" of considerable antiquity and is still standing and giving use for several centuries, some say that parts of it could be traced back to thirteen or fourteen centuries.


The farm was part of the property of a noble family, Pasquau d'Exponere, a native of French Languedoc, who fled to Spain with the French Revolution, whose descendants maintain their ownership to date.

 olive oil

The previous owner Pasquau Josefa, was elected Miss Úbeda by universal suffrage in 1936, hard times: his father, a prominent lawyer in the city, was killed in the farm by the police. Her husband, Dr. Jiménez García, was a well-known doctor of nutrition in Madrid, owner of a famous clinic whose address was followed by one of his sons (Francis, died prematurely). Dr. Jimenez had worked with his close friend Dr. Francisco Grande Cobian, world renowned for its research in the United States later in nutrition and lipids and cell elements vital (DNH), along with his compatriot and great Nobel Prize Asturian friend Dr. Severo Ochoa.


Dr. Large Cobian had been a teaching assistant laboratory of Dr. Negrin in historic Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid. Dr Negrin, who became president of the Spanish Republic, advised Dr. Jimenez to hide Dr. Large at Mendoza, from the purges of the Franco regime until the end of the Civil War. To the astonishment of the peasants, Dr Large created a body shower system providing water through an ingenious system of communicating vessels. Finally he could go into exile in the United States where he became a famous researcher.

Finca Mendoza: 

It is located in Mancha Real. This town is in Sierra Mágina too. It adjoins with Begíjar (North), Pegalajar (South), Villatorres, Jaén and La Guardia de Jaén (West) and  Baeza, Jimena y Torres (East).

In addition to traditionally oil-producers, her there is also a big industrial estate.  So in Mancha Real it is produced much olive oil, furnitures and computers.

The variety of olives here is also Picual.

You can know learn more about this kind of olives in "Our Olive Oil"

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