olive and oilOur Olive oil is produced in this region and it is unique due to the special conditions of the area, which has earned its differentiation from the rest of Jaén and Spain.


The terrain is rough and broken, with remarkable extent of forest trees and olive groves that intermingle. The average altitude of the production area is 600m.


The temperature in the Region ranges between 45 ° C and -10 ° C depending on the season.


The olive variety grown in the area is PICUAL, also known by the synonyms of Marteña, Nevadillo, Loperena. This variety constitutes 97% of the olive groves in the area. Its fruits, from 2.5 to 3.5 grams, yield in oil 21 to 25 percent, and stand up well on the tree when ripe.


The oils produced in these groves, meet quality criteria very specific and differentiating with respect to those produced in other areas:


  • High oleic acid.

  • Balance between linoleic and linolenic acids.
  • High content of natural antioxidants.
  • High resistance to rancidity.
  • Organoleptic propierties with predominantly sensory attributes: Fruity, Light, bitterness and mild pungent.


spanish olive oil


Regions: Úbeda-Bedmar-Mancha Real (Jaén) (Andalucía)

Production area: Villa "Las Cañadas" Finca "Mendoza" and Finca " Salmeron" 

Altitude: 650 and 480 meters above sea level.

Variety: Picual 100%.

Collection system: Mechanical and vireo, a machining area with difficulty

Collection Period: November 15th to December 15th.

Extraction system: two-stage continuous system.

Storage: Stainless steel tank inerted with nitrogen.

Color: Green, filtered.

Aroma: Fruity and ripe green olives, banana peel, almond, tomato plant, with a sweet and pleasant aroma.

Taste: When testing is complex and sweet, sour and spicy very attenuated almost nonexistent. Leaves a fresco in the final aroma dominated by fruit and olive leaf.

Pairing: Suitable to accompany pasta salads, fruit salads, soft cheeses and even cooking.

Acidity: 0.19 ° to 0.4 ° (According collection time)



Tasting Notes

"Fruity with medium to high intensity green olive. Presents balanced notes of green apple, grass and alloza, medium intensity. The palate entry is sweet, bitter of medium to high intensity, less spicy and nutty in alloza "